Success as leading children’s charity, The Prince’s Trust, held a showcase event at Waterside Shopping Centre last week.

A popular shopping centre in Lincoln has played host to a variety of young entrepreneurs, all of whom have been supported by leading Children’s charity, The Prince’s Trust.

The Prince’s Trust teamed up with the Waterside Shopping Centre to host a special day of trading to celebrate the successes of local start-up businesses on Friday, October 21.

The all-day event included business owners had been helped by the Trust, including Luke Flisher, of Flisher Photography, Brett Ayres, from Motacilla Design and Branding, Debbie Kimpton from The Soap Box, and Max Sander who set up Street Panda Clothing.

John Holliday, Enterprise Executive at the Trust, said: “We are running this event to showcase some of our young business starts, so there are young people that we have helped – aged between 18 and 30.

Taking over the Waterside Shopping Centre, business owners showcased their products to the people of Lincoln. Photo by Bethany Pridding.

“They were either unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week, so we’ve helped them to start their businesses.

“We really wanted to showcase some of the wonderful products that they make or that they sell.”

The Prince’s Trust works to help disadvantaged young people across the country.

The Trust is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and was celebrated in a special ITV programme hosted by Ant and Dec called When Ant and Dec met the Prince: 40 years of the Prince’s Trust.

Since being launched by Prince Charles in 1976, the charity has helped almost one million disadvantaged young people take control of their lives, and has created 125,000 young entrepreneurs.

Soap maker at the Soap Box, Debbie Kimpton, decided she wanted to start her own business after becoming a first time mum.

She said: “I just love it. I left my 60 hour job because I wanted to be a mum. I absolutely love Lush so my partner asked why don’t I make soaps, and it’s just really nice to do.

“From going to 60 hours to nothing, I went a little bit doolally. Having my own business gives me the chance to keep myself occupied and make a bit more money as well as being a mum.”

The day was deemed to be a success by organisers as John Holliday added: “It was a great success and it’s really helped to raise the profile of the Prince’s Trust in Lincoln. “There were plenty of people that came along to the day so it was really good to raise awareness and it was good for the business owners.

“There were plenty of people that came along to the day so it was really good to raise awareness and it was good for the business owners. “We’re very grateful to the Waterside for hosting us on Friday, as it really has helped us to get our name out there, and hopefully have more people come to our business workshops.”

Anyone interested in taking part in the Enterprise Programme with the Prince’s Trust can visit or call the Lincoln office on 01522 808518 for more information.

(Photo Credit: Beth Pridding)