Residents and visitors to Lincoln alike are expressing frustration at the lack of available public parking spaces in Lincoln. The city, which attracts many tourists, students and workers into the inner city provides very little in the way of spaces for these people to park and leave their cars for the day.

This year saw Lincoln City Council begin construction of the Lincoln Central Transport Hub which they claim will be sufficient in fixing the problem for many of those driving into Lincoln. The hub, which is set to be a major part of the new bus station will provide over 1000 spaces for cars to park in order to visit the High Street’s shops, or use the bus or train station located nearby.

The Lincoln Central Transport Hub received £2 Million in funding through the Lincolnshire Economic Plan (LEP), which aims to double Lincoln’s economic output by 2030. The Lincoln City Council aim to double the profits from tourism in Lincoln from £1 Billion to £2 Billion by the same year. The importance of increasing the transport infrastructure of Lincoln is vital if the city wishes to encourage further tourism.

A representative of the Greater Lincolnshire Global Enterprise Partnership, who organised the LEP explained within the LEP report “Demand for the movement of people and goods will continue to grow across Greater Lincolnshire, putting increased stress on existing transport networks. Our whole plan contains many infrastructure projects that will require up-front funding from developers. In order to deliver this growth”

However, residents and workers alike are concerned that the future car park’s location in the centre of the city will only cause increased traffic flow into the city, as commuters attempt to find a place to park whilst they shop or work in the city centre. Lincoln’s reputation for poor traffic flow is set to only be increased during the construction of the new transport hub as roads are closed for workers.

In a response to these concerns, the council published the following announcement on their official website stating “The city council and its partners are making every effort to keep Lincoln moving while it’s improving, but, inevitably with a construction project of this size and significance in a busy city centre, there will be some disruption.”

The council also announced that it aims to have construction of the hub, as well as a new Lincoln – Nottingham bus and train route completed and operating by January 1st 2018.

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(Photo Credit: City of Lincoln Council artist’s impressions)