The number of incidents on the Lincoln High Street level crossing have been reduced since the opening of its footbridge.

The bridge was opened to pedestrians in June earlier this year and although the safety precautions have been increased there are still a number of people who refuse to use it, instead choosing to wait at the barriers as they did before the build was completed.

However Network Rail stand by the fact that the £12 million structure was worth the cost.

Toby Higgins, Network Rail media officer for London North Eastern (LNE) & East Midlands said: “The footbridge has been very successful, there has been a reduction in incidents at that crossing and it has helped improve the safety of the people using it.

“If people don’t use it then it’s their personal choice. We didn’t build it and insist people use it.

“Our main concern is safety and in that sense the footbridge has been a massive success.

“If people don’t want to use it then that’s completely up to them. We’re not going to force people to use it but we’re also not going to tolerate people causing danger at the crossing by lifting barriers or running across.”

Local pedestrians have admitted that they often feel it’s not worth using the footbridge and would rather choose to wait.

Jonathon Davies, 52, from Lincoln said: “I only use it when I miss the barriers by a few seconds, otherwise you don’t know whether it’s going to be worth going over it.”

Emma Joyce, 21, a University of Lincoln student from Cambridge said: “I think the problem is that the wait isn’t always that long. You can find yourself going up the stairs and the train goes past. The barriers can be up by the time you get down the other side.”

Plans for a second footbridge to be built over the Brayford Wharf crossing are still going ahead as planned. Mr Higgins said that Network Rail are hoping for “a similar success” to the High Street construction.

(Photo Credit: Niall Few)