The Lincolnshire Economic Plan is set to rejuvenate Lincoln and Lincolnshire’s key economic centres as part of the Lincolnshire Economic Plan (LEP).

The LEP, which was unveiled in 2014, after Lincolnshire was awarded funding after a national government bid. The plan aims to double the economic output of Lincolnshire by 2030, one of the key areas of focus for which is the Manufacturing and Engineering sector.
Lincoln contributes 11% of Greater Lincolnshire’s total manufacturing output, contributing £1.9 billion to the country’s economy.
The Greater Lincolnshire LEP plan states in its report submitted to the councils and businesses in Lincolnshire:
“Our economic strategy has a critical focus on growing our contribution to the economy of UK plc. We will do this by concentrating the activities and investment of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP in those sectors and areas where we can have the greatest impact; we have a strong mandate from the LEP Board to do so.”
Historically, Lincoln and manufacturing have a rich past. With Lincoln being the home of the tank, as well as a major hub for trains and haulage.
Today, Lincolnshire as a whole still employs over 41,000 people in the manufacturing industry making up for 9% of the total employment in Lincolnshire, demonstrating manufacturing as still being a major economic focus in the county.
Lincoln’s role as a city, in regards to manufacturing and engineering is recognised internationally. With German based engineering pioneers Siemens, holding a long standing partnership with the University of Lincoln’s engineering department.
The latest partnership result has been the funding of the university’s new Isaac Newton building, the latest addition to the engineering and physics facilities at the university.
The importance of this partnership between the University of Lincoln and a major manufacturing company such as Siemens was directly referred to in the LEP report, with the report stating:
“In 2011, the University of Lincoln, in partnership with Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Limited, developed the first new engineering school in the UK in twenty years. Located in the heart of Lincoln at Brayford Pool, the School of Engineering is already achieving a reputation for its research excellence and innovative and proactive approach to business engagement.”
Funding secured by the Lincolnshire Economic Plan has also allowed for the creation of the Boole Technology Centre on the university site, cementing the University of Lincoln’s role as a major centre for the future of manufacturing in both Lincoln and the country as a whole.
(Photo Credit: Samuel Webster)